Reaching New Heights By

Enduring Adversity

The good Lord provides many opportunities for growth throughout our lives. Some of those opportunities do not necessarily seem like blessings in the moment but over time reveal themselves to be important challenges critically and exponentially improving our lives.

Surrender Will to your Higher Power

In the face of difficulty or tragedy, the biggest question is inevitably “Why?” or “Why me?” In that moment, little do we realize that we have been selected for a purpose. We are given a chance to rise up to the challenge and become a better version of ourselves, perhaps the best version. As steel sharpens steel, adversity forces us into discomfort enabling us to reimagine the possibilites of what can be, effecting positive change.

This website will chronicle my journey of exploration as I face up to adversity and discover new challenges and opportunities that will spiritually enrich my life.

Follow Along on my Journey

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, I will surrender to Federal Prison FCI Seagoville. I anticipate that I’ll spend two weeks in quarantine, then join the population. I’ll use this website to lay out a plan. The plan will guide me to a life of service. Click the link below to receive updates on how I’m striving to live in service to others.

Envisioning Success

In this interview, I shared strategies that anyone could follow to begin building a life of meaning and relevance through personal development. Read the accompanying lesson plan we worked on to teach and inspire more than 100,000 people that live in jails and prisons.