Master Your Emotions

The way in which you respond to a challenge determines your ability to overcome that challenge. Where people get into trouble is that they allow external circumstances to dictate their moods. They react to things, instead of considering the situation and taking deliberate and appropriate action. If you don’t master your emotions, your emotions will master you.

The best way to become the master of your emotions is to start experiencing your emotions on a physical level. Be aware of them. Happiness, anger, sadness, and a whole host of other emotions all play a critical role in your life. Take a step back to see them and how they make you feel before knee-jerk reacting in a detrimental way.

Notice what happens when you get triggered by something or someone and mentally note what emotions are coming up. Then, get curious about the message that the emotions are offering you. Will you let these emotions control you or will you take control of the situation? Mindful awareness makes all the difference.

Lastly, do the work to reframe negative emotions and situations. Just because you experience negative emotions doesn’t mean that you have to react in ways that are harmful to you or others. Mindfulness and naming your emotions is a good way to give your feelings less power