Unit Lockdown

Hello to all. I am typing this on the Corrlinks BOP computer system just after dinner, it is around 530pm. Dinner was chef salad and bean soup. Actually a lot better than it sounds, I just wished they gave you more than two packets of dressing. Thank you all for supporting me and my website www.enduringadversity.com.

It has been an eventful last several weeks and last week in particular. We learned yesterday, Tuesday 7/27, that our unit was being put on commissary suspension for 30 days. This news was delivered via a “Town Hall Meeting” which lasted less than 5 minutes. It consisted of our unit’s case manager notifying us that we were on 30 day commissary suspension due to the large amounts of “hooch” which was found in the preceeding days. No questions were taken from the inmates and no inmates spoke so from my perspective it wasn’t much of a town hall meeting. From the inmate rumor mill, the inmates call it inmate.com, supposedly they found and confiscated over 40 gallons of hooch in the previous 3 days. For those of you who do not know “hooch” is home made wine that people in prisons make and then sell to other inmates. So needless to say a lot of inmates are not happy right now as we start our 30 day pandemic, LOL, and are relegated to the CHOW hall for all our food aside from what is remaining in our lockers. The main reason most people are upset is because the entire unit is being penalized for the actions of a few and from our understanding that type of penalty isn’t technically allowed by the BOP but it is commonplace at FMC Ft Worth. When I first arrived here on good friday earlier this year my unit was in the middle of a 30 day suspension.

What else can I update everyone on…It has been absurdly hot as most of you know because you live in Texas, the temperatures have been between 105 and 110. Our recreation even got canceled one day because it was so hot for everyones safety. I have applied for the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with a management focus through Adams State University. Adams State University is one of the universities FMC Fort Worth’s education department has a relationship with for prisoners to take paralegal classes and pursue associates, bachelors and masters degrees. I already have a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas however one of my goals while in prison was to get an MBA with a management focus. I believe one of the areas I need to improve on is the management of employees that work for companies I own or manage and I want to become a better manager for when I leave prison and start my own business. In addition I want to improve at scaling companies and implementing processes and procedures to promote efficient growth of any company I manage. I have been very successful at generating innovative ideas to grow a company rapidly but amidst that growth I believe I need to improve on the growing it efficiently and effectively which means ensuring the business can accomodate and withstand rapid growth as well as being able to determine the growth level in which the level of growth actually becomes detrimental to the business. Anyhow, I hope to be accepted in the next week or two and start my first class during this Fall 2022 semester at the end of August.

My apologies for the lack of posts again and I am going to do my best to try and get a weekly update posted at minimum.

Much Love,


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