Surrender and COVID

The Bad

I don’t know where I left off, anyways I am in a quarantine unit for ten days building ten before I move to the regular unit.  Almost every unit in the prison is on lockdown and even the ones that are not rec time are suspended.  They don’t care that I am vaccinated with both shots and that does nothing to lower my quarantine. Kind of silly that being vaccinated gets you nothing and the entire prison is essentially confined to their respective dormitories.  in addition to being shut down, the commissary which is normally every two weeks and you get to spend 180 dollars each time is now every two weeks and you can only spend 50 dollars which makes it next to impossible to get any necessary supplies.  I have resorted to bartering with other inmates and making friends and letting them know I will get them back.  They tell you the quarantine is ten days but a couple of the guys have been here for 4 weeks or longer. One guy has been here for 3 months, which makes no sense.  it makes you wonder why the BOP is even taking new inmates via self-surrender anymore at their prisons if they aren’t even going to be allowed to operate. Why not just keep people at home on home confinement.

FCI Seagoville is definitely segregated by race which is stupid if you ask me and it kind of sucks because FCI Seagoville is a federal bureau of prisons sex offender prison which houses like 80% sex offenders.  Sex offenders for those of you new to sex offenders are highly likely to be white and they have very odd interests like dungeons and dragons and stuff (sp?).  Anyways that said I am working my way in with the black inmates as they like sports and I have a lot more in common with them than the white crowd. 

Back to the commissary, the food is absolutely terrible so far and always served cold.  Once I get the commissary set up I’ll start cooking for myself.  For dinner today we had our first and only decent meal out of the 5 I have had.  It was ground meat tacos, black beans, and hard taco shells. I would be happy with that for every meal.  I have one minute of computer time left.  I have to go.  Bye


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