Earning my Freedom

About 1 hour away from leaving my house to report to FCI Seagoville. One of my best friends Victor Torres has flown in to drop me off. Vegas, my black labrador, is undergoing his weekly chemotherapy for Lymphoma right now.  He is doing really well. My other black labrador Grayton just ate lunch in the kitchen, fed by my lovely wife Amy. I am going to miss Amy so much. Amy, I adore you and love you. Weirdly I am at peace and in a weird way excited. Don’t get me wrong I think the first week is going to suck with the Covid quarantine and I do not know what to expect from that. However, that said I have been dealing with this for the last 8 years living in prison on the outside. I am ready to start earning my freedom back and move on with my life. I will miss my wife and fur children terribly. I do not regret the last 8 years as I have found God and transformed my life with a new career in commercial construction. I have to run, wanted to keep this short and sweet. Talk to you guys from the inside.


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