Day of Surrender

I surrendered to FCI Seagoville low security federal prison yesterday.  One of my best friends Victor Torres flew in from El Paso to take me, thank you victor! 

The good:

This place beats the hell out of my time in Mansfield Detention Center where i spent two months in 2018 and the 3 days I spent in Fannin County.  I have nothing yet other than one t shirt, one pair of boxers, and one pair of scrub pants.  The guy who checked me in let me keep my socks.  He wouldn’t let me keep my white boxer briefs i tried to wear in (i asked lol) and my all white new balance tennis shoes i took home from mansfield.  they honestly are not bad shoes.  This place is like a giant fenced college campus.  It is really nice with lots of trees and grass and plants.  it is massive.  there appears to be tons of first step act programs available and they are very active about communicating them it seems like.  i am going to try and do whatever i can do get extra time off here (thank you president trump).  the self surrender process was very efficient and worthwhile.  the intake department is friendly and helpful.  I was assigned to building 53 which is one of the units that is air conditioned.  only 3 of the 7 units in the low are air conditioned so i am lucky in that regard.  i also got a bottom bunk pass.  it is very safe, everyone is really nice, no one really wants to act up and be transfered to a medium or high security you can tell.  the rooms are dormitory style, no cells, have doors.  you have electricity in your room with a light switch and two people per room top and bottom bunk. 

The bad:

Ok so I was escorted to building 10 which is one of the quarantine units.  It is a small quarantine unit two stories with about 20 rooms 10 on each floor. There are about 15 guys in this unit waiting to go to the main units.  they said i have to spend 10 days here and then i go to my main unit which is 53.  almost the entire campus is on lockdown for covid so there is no recreation and you are not allowed outside the units.  they just moved 8 people from quarantine this morning into a couple units 10, 53, and 54 which is good because that means 53 came off lockdown. 

the correctional officer just called me i will be back

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