Good morning, I am typing this at around 8am. I just woke up, made myself a coffee which i bummed off the guy across the hall, and called Ameer the Sr. PM for Restoration Roofing my old company.  Pill line (that’s where you are supposed to get your medicines) came again this morning and have nothing for me.  I have been here now 4 days and have not got one of my prescribed medications that is documented in my PSR “Presentence Report”.  When I self surrendered I came in with all my medications and gave them to intake.  They took the meds to document everything I was taking but won’t let you come in with them because they have to come from their pharmacy.  I asked the med tech at pill line this morning if she had anything for me and she said no.  I explained to her I was waiting on this for four days and her response was “what do you expect for this to just be instantaneous.”  I said well you are a level 2 medical BOP facility and I don’t consider four days to get medications I need for my heart and other things instantaneous.  I probably could have done without the smart ass remark, however I have asked every day and put in numerous elecronic request through “Trulincs” the prisons email system for inmates. Additionally I had eye surgery on 2-10 on both my eyes. When I checked in I gave them two things of eye drops and a note from my surgeon.  One of them is an over the counter eye drop (which they sell some sort of OTC eye drop on commissary) and I could get it on commissary except we have no commissary now because of Covid.  One of the complications of the surgery I had is an increased risk of retinal detachment which I have a history of over ten years ago in both eyes having to have laser surgery to correct.  The Honorable Judge Barbara Lynn had a request from my attorney in front of her to extend my reporting date last Thursday for 4 weeks to allow my eyes to fully heal from the surgery (which she denied).  Mind you I had been on pre trial release with this case pending for over 5 years and I was on an ankle monitor to make sure I didn’t flee.  Meanwhile one of my codefendents Dr. Laila Hirjee was sentenced two months before me and The Honorable Judge Barbara Lynn has extended her reporting date twice now for an additional 2 months because she is gluten intolerant and that puts her at additional risk for Covid.  Needless to say our criminal justice and prison system is broken and something needs to be done. One of my goals in life is to help spur change in it for the better.


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